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Queerpoéticas is proposed as a space for exchange of ideas, dialogue and research around sexual dissidence from a queer perspective. 

Since Guatemala is a country so defined from dichotomies of race, political ideology, class and gender, we find it urgent to visualize all positionings transit and movement between these rigid, unquestioned and immobile binarisms, because we believe in gestation new realities.

Taking art and social sciences as supports, we want to put on the table, in Guatemala, new artistic, poetic, theoretical and experiential proposals that challenge sex-generic impositions. In order to reflect, sowing concerns in our bodies, and generate new readings and experiences of reality.

Within our work we consider essential lines be based on a training space and an exhibition space. We are interested in both encourage experimentation and generate knowledge from our contexts, as well as provide a platform to exhibit new artistic discourse around the body and sexualities, from various artists in the world.

Formative space:
We consider it important to build networks among different actors and to build spaces for experimentation, exchange and production of knowledge, from our bodies and contexts. Therefore, our mission is to open talks with artists and thinkers around the world to develop projects such as laboratories, workshops, seminars and conferences in Guatemala, especially aimed at the Guatemalan population.

Exhibition Space:
We are interested to discuss various artistic projects that address from queerness and gender identities, other related dissidence where these conceptual crosses and materials create in turn new readings on what you see.


Ciudad Guatemala, Guatemala.

502, Centro América. 

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