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misaglined the body and the look
st Edition/FEBRUARY, 2016. 

The first appearance of Queerpoéticas on 19 and 20 February 2016, was hosted at The Sawmill Italgua, a wonderfully large space, filled with old machinery and located in downtown Guatemala City.

This first appearance became manifest with a multidisciplinary event, which had an exhibition space that exhibited the work of more than 15 artists from around the world and also featured a training space, within which the Spanish documentary film "Yes We Fuck" by Antonio Centeno, on functional diversity. Also, a panel brainstorming about queer theory and sexual dissidence with several guests opened.

Both in the training and exhibition space, we have the participation of four Latin American publishing proposals with exhibition and sale: Anal Magazine (MX), Macha Fanzine (GUA), MaricarmenZine (MX) and Ediciones La Maleta Ilegal (GUA-CL).

The primary objective was to show in the city of Guatemala, the various proposals, artistic discursive and theoretical / experiential approaches dissident binary gender identities, that are being developed in many parts of the world today.

Exhibition Space 

Lxs artistas que fomaron parte de la muestra son:

-Andrea Barragán (Colombia)-

-BC Colectivo (GUA) 

-Cecilia Porras (Guatemala)

-Christian Lord (US)

-Daniel B. Chávez (US) 

-Darkmatter (US)

-Elyla Sinverguenza (Nicaragua)


-Gely Pacheco (México)

-Lechedevirgen Trimegisto (México) 

-Magno Morales (México) 

-Manuel Tzoc (Guatemala)

-Mario Santizo (Guatemala)

-Mipanocha Rurru (México)

-Numa Dávila (Guatemala)

-Rodrigo Arenas carter (Chile) 

-Virginia Paguagua (Nicaragua)

Formative Space 


Panel brainstorming:

The panel was moderated by Gabriela Maldonado and consisted of Gely Pacheco (MX), Laura Gamba (GUA), Pilly SALAZAR (GUA), Sara Alvarez (GUA) and Magno Morales (MX). They reflected around the mutiple dissident sexualities white heteronormativity, and diverse perspectives on ways of living sexualities and move the bodies intersection with other identities, as racialization, class exposed, etc.


Documentary projection "YES WE FUCK" Antonio Centeno / ESP.

With this projection had intended to inform about sexuality in people with functional diversity and contributions of these human sexuality in general. Being a subject unknown even in Guatemala and also reveals another of the great struggles from the bodies for legitimacy and empowerment of our liberties, we believe was vital to show and to accompany the proposal of all bodies and identities live from the peripheries outside normal standards and productivity.

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